Western Vocal

May 08, 2021     by  DaveesP

From hitting the right note to performing with an accurate sense of the pitch and rhythm, we have got you covered at Legato Music Academy. With our western vocal classes, we provide you with a broad range of techniques and methods which will help you gain mastery over your vocal range. We open doors of opportunity for every aspirational vocalist, to pursue their passions under the guidance of trained experts. They will be trained in a very systematic manner which will enable them to perform with great ease and precision. 

Our course is designed to meet the musical needs of each and every musically inclined soul. As they passionately immerse themselves in the learning process, students will be able to develop an in-depth understanding of a variety of singing styles and artistic techniques, which will enhance their external repertoire in the world of music. Students will also gain a comprehensive understanding of the main parts of the Vocal engine which will help them in building a strong foundation. As they are eased into the learning process, they will gradually establish their own pace of learning by demonstrating their own individual style. They learn to associate their own individual identity with their music which reflects in their overall performance by giving it a more personal touch. They will be trained with an effective voice modulation technique along with adding more flexibility to their style.


At Legato Music Academy, we encourage every passionate endeavor of our students. With our Western vocals course, students will be introduced to the world of Western music, which will strengthen their overall foundation in Western Music. With a significant level of exposure, they will gain the confidence to express themselves through their music while stressing on distinct parts of a song that appeal to them the most. Students will be able to develop better diction, articulation, and efficient listening skills along with a better grip over their body posture. They will demonstrate great flair and artistic technique in their singing, which will give their performance a creative edge.


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