Vagulabharanam Raga

December 12, 2018     by  Davees

                   Yanni is a wellknown music composer when he came to India;he composed a beautiful composition, that is Taj Mahal (1997). I really surprised of the composition with heavy orchestras. The concent starts with the flute solo and it is followed by orchestration of different instruments.

                   As far as I can see, there is a special combination between Western style and Carnatic Raga in this concent.Yanni used one of the best Carnatic Ragas Vakulabharana (C,C#,E#,G,G#,A#,C) at the outset of the concent with flute, what a feeling it is.

                   At the same time, we are led to another mode; but the scale, in Western, we can say, Gypsy minor. He used most of the instruments in the midst of the orchestra. That is the style of the Western music.

                   The speciality is that, both scales are the same. In Carnatic music it is commonly known as Vakulabharanam (C,C#,E,F,G,G#,A#,C). In western music it is Gypsy minor (C,C#,E,F,G#,A#,C). Both are same, but the way of the composing (on convincing) is the main factor.

                   Carnatic music gives more importance in solo performance but Western music gives equal importance to all instruments in orchestra purposefully.

                   When Yanni was in India; he used indigenous pulse of the audience; and use Carnatic style.

                   He could successfully absorb the indigenous flavor of Carnatic Ragas and brilliantly use it in his concert conducted infront of Taj Mahal.


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