Keyboard Online Class

September 12, 2020     by  Smijo


About the Keyboard course

Learn, create and grow with Music Legato family. We have video module course where you will learn from beginner’s level of music in Keyboard, trained by International Musicians. Our mentors will teach you to play keyboard with easy to follow step by step lessons. The course is designed with advanced technology provided by notes, explanation and theory.

What you will learn

  • Understand the keyboard geography
  • Introduction to music theory
  • Playing leads
  • Playing chords
  • Playing Scales

The classes are student friendly. The teacher takes time to explain the technical and musical difficulties that you might encounter during your learning process and gives you the necessary methods to resolve them.

We also follow Trinity College London’s syllabus. Students can customize the course pattern based on their requirements. Individual attention will be given to each student. We will conduct fun and energetic activities to make you learn keyboard.

Online classes through Zoom and Skype. We will give you a guidance about live classes. Students need to have a keyboard with them. Before joining the course, you can register for our free Demo session. Pay fees through Google Pay


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