Keyboard Advanced Level Course

May 21, 2021     by  DaveesP

We at Legato Music Academy, offer you a Quick Master Series which will transform you from an intermediate to an advanced keyboardist in record time! With your progression into the advanced level, your keyboard skills will gain more refinement along with enhancing the complexity of your music. You will be transformed into a proficient keyboardist with your own sense of identity as you grapple with different styles and techniques until you establish your own artistic style.

Our world-class curriculum will introduce you to advanced concepts and techniques with a wide range of performance pieces that will boost your artistic caliber. Your transition from an intermediate to an advanced student will be a smooth one, with the assurance of developing the required expertise and knowledge. The course will entail a comprehensive study of the different areas of the keyboard and will not limit itself to mere theory but delve into the practical aspects of learning. The newly learned techniques and advanced concepts will reflect in your performances, as you continue to perform with great ease and precision.

Our course instructors will encourage you to transition into the best version of yourself and push you towards your creative interests. You will be fully adept in the working of the keyboard as you learn to master the instrument and perform with great flair! As you evolve into an advanced keyboardist the course will shape your confidence and spark a flame of creativity as you passionately immerse yourself in the process of creating music. It gives an edge to your own personal style of playing when you skillfully apply your learnings while performing the keyboard. Students are provided with in-depth learning as we strive to cover distinct aspects of the keyboard at a much broader level. As they strike the keys of the keyboard it depicts their understanding of the instrument as well as the mere intricacies of their artistic talent.