Carnatic Vocal

May 11, 2021     by  DaveesP

Carnatic music or carnatic sangeet is the south Indian classical music which has a rich history and tradition. It is one of the cherished world music which developed in the south Indian states of Tamil Nadu, Kerala,  father of Carnatic music. Carnatic music is imbibed with extremely developed theoretical assortment. and it is established upon a comlex system of Ragam and Thalam.

Raga is the fundamental scale and the seven notes of this scale are Sa Re Ga Ma Pa Dha and Ni. The Ragams are classified into various modes and these modes are referred to as mela, which are 72 in number. Thala is the rhythmic foundation of the Carnatic music.


Our Carnatic Vocals course is designed for every amateur singer as well as intermediate level learners and has the power to guide an advanced learner too. The course begins with introducing our students to the basics of Carnatic classical music system along with a plethora of voice training exercises. We have made it our prerogative to upheld the cultural essence of Indian classical music by strictly following the traditional way of teaching, which adds to the beauty of learning Carnatic music in its truest form.


Legato Music Academy offers online music classes through Skype and Zoom for all age groups and levels (beginner, intermediate and advance level). Get 1-on-1 music classes at home, anywhere in the world, at a time convenient to you with easy payment modes. What you only need is a laptop (supported with web cam), speakers/headphones, stable internet connection and a positive attitude. Give wings to your passion of music and fly high with Legato Music Academy.

“Music is what tells us that the human race is greater than we realize”

-Napoleon Bonaparte


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