Chords and Scales

What are chords? Simply we can say A chord is a group of notes, normally 3 or 4 notes. There are many chords but the most common Chords are the major and minor. A triad is a chord of three notes and contains Root, 3rd, 5th . In major chords there are three positions 1)Root position 2)First inversion (second position) 3) Second inversion (Third position).For example in C major chord C E G is the root position E G C is the first inversion G C E is the second inversion. The experts commonly use the different fingers for each positions. That means, they are using 1 3 5, 1 3 5, 1 2 5 fingers for right hand to each positions .At the same time 5 3 1, 5 2 1, 5 3 1 fingers are using the left hand respectively . A chord, When struck together all 3 notes we can called a block chord. When struck non-simultaneously the chord is broken chord or arpeggio

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