C Scales

Piano Raga - C SENAPAHI

C - C# - D# - F - G - G# - A - C

Carnatic Raga is commonly use in India especially south India. Carnatic Raga is often described as a scale in western music. It is a main part of Carnatic music. The expressions and Dynamics is the main factor of Carnatic Ragas which means a particular combination of sounds ( (or swaras) which are happy or sad to listen . Thus different combinations of sounds make different ragas of which each has a unique identity. The main aims of learning Carnatic music is to achieve Raga knowledge. This is the ability to sing or perform in any instrument many different ragas and to be able to distinguish one raga from another. Most of the Ragas are sometimes melodies types. The raga structure is a method of organizing tunes based on certain natural principles. Tunes in the same raga use the same (nominal) swaras in different combinations and with, the perfomer can be identify the similarity. All melakartha raga has Arohanam and Avarohanam, at the same time there is no change of Sa and Pa and othe

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